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Hello, I'm Zuania!

BUT you can also call me Z. I am a compassionate, integrative, multicultural, and bilingual (English/ Spanish) mental health professional committed to supporting individuals in their journey to improve their lives and relationship dynamics while fostering self-awareness. Located in Orange County, NY, and with offices in Bergen County, NJ, as a neurodivergent-affirming mental health advocate, I celebrate and encourage differences and respect other individuals' autonomy. 

For over 20+ years, I've also served multicultural audiences as an editorial executive, producing and managing communications initiatives with high-quality, empowering, and meaningful content that makes a difference, impacts, and changes lives.


I look forward to this journey together. Let's connect!

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Integrative Therapy

Welcome to Integrative Therapy NJ & NY!

Individual therapy & counseling services, tailored to the client, designed for results.

Family, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD, postpartum, and more.

 Coaching Services

Are you seeking support to navigate the deep waters of the ADHD or neurodiverse world? Or are you a new parent looking for guidance?Take the first step towards a brighter future scheduling an introductory coaching consultation.

Editorial Services

Media project management and editorial strategies, to promote self-growth, self-awareness, and wellness through meaningful and empowering content.

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