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"Family Reset with Z": April's On your Children Know When You’re Not OK, So Stop Faking It

Updated: 5 days ago

No matter how hard we try to shield them, kids have this superpower of sensing our feelings, even when we think we're hiding them well. They just know when something's off, no matter how big our smile is. So, pretending to be okay? It's not just useless; it can actually mess things up for both of you in the long run.

In my latest piece at SheKnows, I'm diving deep into the myth of parental perfection. Spoiler alert: it doesn't exist! From burnt toast breakdowns to misplaced car key crises, our kids see it all. And guess what? They don't just survive; they learn that being human means embracing all the emotions.

So, let's break the silence on mental health and parenthood. Join me over at SheKnows for a heartfelt exploration, and let's navigate this beautiful messiness of life together, laughing, crying, and celebrating every moment.

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